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IM with God

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You are not alone in your search for love or knowing God completely. Becoming a better you, having conversations with God, and leading a purpose driven life are very common paths to walk when trying to take ownership of, or recover a relationship with God. In fact, it is said...

"All know The Way

...Few actually walk it!"

I would imagine, you would want your life with God to be a very special and unique experience. In good or bad ways, troubling times tend to redefine our relationship with God. I know, I am in a constant search for ways to love the life I live with God in it. While my relationship with God can be like one stubborn kid arguing over a whose "turn" it is on the swing. I have come to discover our relationship with The Father, all too often, to be like two friends walking down a quiet country road.

IM with God tries to help the reader recover the quiet and peaceful presence of God. IM emphasizes how a spiritually intimate relationship with God is not an exclusive experience for only those chosen by an ego driven set of religious tenets. Any person can truly learn to love and enjoy being One with The One God who loves ALL of us always and without condition...RIGHT NOW...and right there where your heart hurts the greatest.

What we will we do...What

we wish we won't!